Oral Surgery

Whether it's a fracture or an infection of the tooth, Family Dental has the best oral surgery specialists in Simi Valley, CA to lead you through the journey of oral surgery with ease. We are highly competent in delivering dental oral surgery and treatments such as implants, gum grafts, and jaw surgeries.

Cutting Edge Dental Treatment

Available treatment options

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology

  • Extraction site preservation

  • Tooth implantation

  • Jaw reconstruction

  • Tooth restoration

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How oral surgery can help you?

  • Eliminate Pain

    An unattended wisdom tooth can cause severe pain. Wisdom teeth can be removed through oral surgery so that you don't have to suffer from pain.

  • Restore Your Facial Structure

    After tooth removal, your remaining teeth may shift and your jaw bone may degenerate, hampering your face structure. The extraction site preservation treatment preserves your facial structure.

  • Prevent Infectious Oral Diseases

    A damaged or decayed tooth can lead to bacterial infestation. At Family Dental, the best oral surgeons in California provide professional tooth removal and post-surgery guidance to inhibit infectious diseases.

  • Uplifts Self-esteem

    Oral surgery helps in correcting jaw and teeth alignment improving the dental structure. It improves speech as well as appearance thereby boosting your self-esteem.

  • Reduce Tooth Wear

    A procrastinated oral surgery may lead to further damage to your healthy teeth. It invites infection, decay, cavities, and other dental problem. Avail the services of affordable oral surgeons to enjoy long-term good oral health.

  • Achieve Long-Term Tooth Replacement

    Oral surgery involves replacing a tooth with an implant and restoration for a long-lasting, stable result.

About oral surgeries

FAQs related to oral surgeries

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon refers to a medical professional who are specialized in diagnosing, treating, and conducting surgery related to conditions and injuries in the jaw, mouth, neck, and teeth. Family Dental has dedicated oral surgery and implant specialists to handle complex surgeries related to your face.

You may experience pain for a few days after tooth extraction. Any medicine you would need for subsiding the pain will be provided by your surgeon. You may be prescribed some painkillers that you may take only when necessary. After three or four weeks, if you are still in pain, call your oral surgeon so they can examine the area and make sure there isn't an infection. Pain may continue if the tooth extraction is not done by a competent surgeon. Therefore, reach out to top oral surgeons at Family Dental for safe tooth removal.

It's normal to experience mouth numbness for a few days following oral surgery. Usually, this will go away on its own, but if it does not, call us to schedule an appointment to have the region reevaluated.

Resorbable sutures, or self-dissolving stitches, are frequently used, and it's okay if they fall out on their own. Any significant bleeding should be reported to our oral surgeon.

Oral surgeries typically take up to one day to complete and last a few hours. You might need to stay a little longer to recover, depending on the operation and the anesthetic the surgeon uses.

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