Oral Surgery

For any tooth-related issues, from fractures to infections, Family Dental boasts the top family oral surgery specialists in Simi Valley, CA, guiding you smoothly through the process of oral dental surgery. Our team excels in providing a range of dental surgeries and treatments, including implants, gum grafts, and surgeries of the jaw, ensuring you receive expert care every step of the way.

Cutting Edge Dental Treatment

Available treatment options

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology

  • Extraction site preservation

  • Tooth implantation

  • Jaw reconstruction

  • Tooth restoration

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How oral surgery can help you?

  • Alleviate Discomfort

    Neglecting a wisdom tooth can lead to intense discomfort. Through advanced oral surgery in Simi Valley, these troublesome teeth can be extracted, sparing you from the agony.

  • Maintain Your Facial Integrity

    Post-extraction, your teeth may shift, and jawbone deterioration could alter your facial aesthetics. Extraction site preservation at Family Dental safeguards your facial contours.

  • Guard Against Oral Infections

    A compromised tooth can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Our esteemed oral surgeons in Simi Valley specialize in tooth extractions and follow-up care to prevent the onset of infectious oral conditions.

  • Boost Confidence

    Correcting misalignments in jaws and teeth through comfort dental oral surgery not only enhances your dental framework but also betters your speech and appearance, elevating your self-confidence.

  • Minimize Dental Wear and Tear

    Delaying necessary oral surgery can exacerbate the condition of your healthy teeth, leading to infections, decay, and more. Opt for affordable oral surgery to protect your dental wellbeing in the long run.

  • Secure a Durable Tooth Replacement

    Oral surgery at Family Dental includes tooth replacement with implants, offering a permanent and stable solution for missing teeth.

About oral surgeries

FAQs related to oral surgeries

Oral surgery encompasses various treatments like tooth extractions, dental implants, jaw surgery, and corrective procedures for issues like impacted teeth or facial trauma. These procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia by advanced oral surgery to address complex dental and facial conditions effectively.

Oral surgery encompasses various procedures to address dental issues like impacted teeth, jaw misalignment, and facial trauma. It may involve extractions, dental implants, or corrective surgeries. Prioritize thorough consultation with the best oral surgeon to discuss treatment options, risks, and expected outcomes tailored to your specific needs.

Oral surgery offers various benefits, including improved dental function, relief from pain or discomfort, correction of dental defects or abnormalities, enhanced appearance and confidence, and prevention of future dental problems. Consult with an oral surgeon specialist to explore personalized treatment options tailored to your needs.

Affordable dentistry treatment in Simi Valley encompasses a range of oral surgery procedures tailored to individual needs. From simple extractions to complex surgeries like wisdom tooth removal, our team ensures quality care at accessible prices. Consult with us for personalized treatment options.

The duration of oral surgery treatment varies based on the procedure's complexity. Simple extractions are quicker, while complex surgeries like wisdom teeth removal take longer.

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