Dental care is the perfect blend of science, technology, and artistic touch. At Family Dental care, we collaborate with skilled endodontic specialists to offer you secure and gentle root canal procedures, aimed at clearing infections and halting tooth decay. Specializing in endodontic treatment in Simi Valley, our experts proficiently identify and manage conditions such as Pulpitis, along with various other dental concerns, to rejuvenate your oral health.

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How endodontics can help you?

  • Root Canal Therapy

    Restoring Dental Health Root canal therapy is a procedure that revitalizes your smile by removing damaged or infected pulp and sealing the tooth with a root filling.

  • Preserving Natural Teeth

    Through apicoectomy, a surgical procedure targeting the root tip, we remove infected tissues, saving the tooth and avoiding the need for extraction.

  • Dental Implant Solutions

    We offer dental implants by inserting a titanium post into the jawbone, replacing the missing tooth's root and helping to maintain bone health.

  • Enhancing Your Smile

    Crowns play a crucial role after endodontics treatment and root canal therapy, not only improving the tooth's appearance but also its functionality, contributing to an overall better dental aesthetic.

  • JAvoiding Tooth Extraction

    Root canal treatments are key in saving natural teeth by eliminating deep infections, thus preventing further decay and damage.

  • Comfortable Treatment Experience

    With advancements in dental techniques, root canal treatments are now virtually painless, often resulting in less discomfort during recovery compared to tooth extraction, making them a cost-effective choice considering the cost of endodontic surgery.

About Endodontics

FAQs related to Endodontics

Typically, uncomplicated root canals are completed in a single session lasting from 30 minutes to slightly over an hour. Yet, more complex cases might extend to 90 minutes or necessitate a follow-up appointment, especially if a permanent filling or crown is advised by the dentist or endodontist specialist.

A root canal is a specific type of endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment involves treating the inner part of the tooth, including the pulp and nerves. A root canal specifically refers to removing infected or damaged tissue from inside the tooth's root canal system.

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal, is a procedure to save a tooth infected or severely damaged by decay or trauma. Types include root canal therapy, apicoectomy, and pulpotomy for children's teeth. Each aims to remove infection, restore function, and preserve natural teeth, ensuring lasting oral health and a pain-free smile.

We at Family Dental strive to make your treatment as pain-free as possible. Our cutting-edge methods and anesthetics ensure that you will experience little to no discomfort during the course of the process since skilled dentists carry out the entire procedure with the utmost care and technical perfection.

The dentists and staff at Family Dental follow the strict guidelines for infection prevention recommended by the Indian Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control, and OSHA. To assist avoid infection, we employ disposable barrier technology and autoclave sterilization.

At Family Dental we ensure you receive precision endodontics treatment with the highest quality of care by choosing the best endodontic specialists in Simi Valley, CA.

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