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Cavities in your teeth can lead to cracks, breaks, and significant dental pain, not to mention contribute to misalignment. At Family Dental Simi Valley, our skilled dentists, with extensive training in dental restoration, utilize temporary dental filling and dental composite filling materials that are both durable and high-quality. These materials effectively eliminate tooth decay, alleviating all associated discomfort and helping you achieve the dental aesthetics you desire.

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Available treatment options

  • Tooth filling

  • Temporary filling

  • Composite filling

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What are the benefits of dental fillings?

  • Safeguard Your Teeth

    By reinforcing weakened structures, dental fillings act as a shield, preventing further harm to your teeth.

  • Enhance Functionality

    Dental fillings restore functionality to decay-damaged teeth by adding a robust layer of dental material, enhancing both performance and appearance.

  • Boost Aesthetics

    The aesthetic appeal of teeth compromised by decay is significantly improved with dental fillings, thanks to the addition of a fresh, healthy layer of dental material.

  • Restore Dental Health

    As a minimally invasive solution, dental fillings offer an effective way to repair teeth affected by decay.

  • Durable Solution

    Dental fillings provide a long-term remedy for teeth compromised by decay, fractures, or wear, ensuring lasting dental health.

  • Cost-Efficient and Practical

    Offering both affordability and convenience, dental fillings present an economical approach to repairing decay-damaged teeth, with various options available including metal dental fillings, dental cavity filling, and different types of dental fillings, all tailored to fit dental filling costs and procedures.

About dental fillings

FAQs related to dental fillings

The different types of dental fillings include amalgam, composite resin, porcelain, and gold. Amalgam fillings are durable and cost-effective, while composite resin fillings match tooth color for a natural appearance. Porcelain and gold fillings offer strength and longevity.

Ready to rejuvenate your smile? Dental filling procedures are a common solution for restoring teeth damaged by decay or fractures. They help to strengthen the tooth structure, prevent further decay, and restore function. Learn more about how dental fillings can transform your smile today!

Dental fillings halt the progression of tooth decay by sealing off the cavity, preventing bacteria from entering. They restore the tooth's structure, reinforcing its integrity and preventing further decay. Regular dental check-ups ensure early detection and prompt filling of cavities, averting potential complications.

Common signs indicating a temporary dental filling may need replacement include pain or sensitivity in the tooth, visible cracks or damage to the filling, a rough or uneven surface, or if the filling has become loose or fallen out.

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